Our tee shirts are all made in the USA, either from 100% organic cotton or from a 50:50 blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic. The 100% organic shirts are available in red or black in female sizes small, medium and large. The 50:50 blend shirts are red and come in the same sizes. Men’s tees coming soon (subscribe to the newsletter to get the heads up). We print on-demand in small batches. This means we don’t print in advance and wait for orders to come in, which can mean wasted products and eats into margins, but instead wait until we have pre-orders and then hand print a batch of shirts so there’s no waste and money is available to donate to environmental causes. This means it’ll take a while before you get your shirt, but on the flip side it’s made uniquely for you. To order, email us with details on what you want (material, color, size) and a way to contact you and we’ll get back in touch to confirm your order and get payment.


We’re working on men’s shirts and other products so check back in, and why not subscribe to our mailing list (home page).

In these pics Lilliana is wearing a small.